Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Private Stock Fragrances

Private Stock Fragrances

All fragrances in this list are hand-blended by me. You won't find these scents anywhere else!

*1605: 36 barrels of gunpowder, a faint yet insistent wisp of church incense, and a wafting of bonfire smoke. Warm ginger bread and a tall mug of hearty stout. Inspired by the story of Guy Fawkes, and created to evoke the tale every time you wear it. Opening mainly as a food scent, 1605 dries down to a warm, spicy and softly smoky scent- I can totally imagine this being worn and enjoyed by both guys and girls, and smelling great on all of them.

*Absynthe- A 100% essential oils blend, this is my interpretation of Absinthe, made to be both wearable AND edible. That's right, I'll be putting this in lip balms as well as soaps and perfumes. It's an Anise-Peppermint-Lemongrass blend brightened with a few drops of red Blood Orange. It's definitely an anise-based scent, there's no doubt about that, but it's balanced by the mint and citrus scents so that even people who detest licorice-scented things might still be able to enjoy this. And of course, any fan of black licorice will most likely fall fast in love with this scent/flavor. 

*After 5 Somewhere: Because it's always a good time for a drink if it smells like this! Bourbon Whiskey, Fresh grated Ginger Root, and Vanilla combine for a delightfully relaxing cocktail. Thanks, Claire! :)

*All The FiresAll of 'em. Green Tea, Squash Blossoms, Tomato plants, sweet Osmanthus, tangy Kumquat, Valencia Oranges, Vetivert, and the memory of a Wasabi burn.

*Aravine: A beautiful, sweet fragrance named after a beautiful, sweet girl, Aravine is Violets, Sugar, Plums and Neroli, grounded with a base of Cedarwood, light Musk, Vanilla, and Violet leaf. Lovely.

*Barista! This is an espresso-and-chocolate based blend, but you'll catch wafts of hazelnuts, sweet cream, and yes, even the sugary pastries sitting at the counter tempting you while you wait in line for your cup of coffee. It's a delicious mocha scent.
*Beach Bum
Sandy summer days rolling lazily into sticky, humid nights; sun-warmed skin and beach blossoms placed haphazardly in still-salty hair; running barefoot to the pier to catch the last rays of sunlight before the sun dips below the ocean horizon. Your endless summer starts now. Salt air, tuberose blooms, coconut, sweetgrass, tanning lotion, sand, sea, and sun.

*Berry Amber: Wild strawberries, sun-warmed cherries, white amber, and vine-ripened grapes. IOt's delightfully tart and sweet at first, but once the amber appears it takes the edge off the fruitiness. Gorgeous, and it ages magnificently!

*Besos del Sol: a summery floral blend which is best described as the scent of sun-warmed skin, Besos del Sol is a feminine and flirty scent. Creamy coconut and white gardenia star, supported by notes of white grapefruit, resinous amber, jasmine, a touch of deep, smoky vetivert, and a dash of bourbon vanilla. It's a great summer floral, and is really just the perfect fragrance to wear with little sun dresses or shorty shorts ;) A floral for those who hate florals.

*Bitten: The scent of an apple orchard after a spring rain, key notes are green apple, honey, rain, and just a nip of black pepper to shake things up. 

*Black+Blue: Not half as violent as the name may imply, black+blue is a blend of lush blackberries and ripe blueberries, plums, a splash of red wine, and a cup of tea.

*Black Pearl: Set sail for tropical seas and balmy climes- yarrr! Banana trees and the finest Tahitian Vanilla open, and as they step back, the lush white florals take hold. Tuberose, Tiare, Ylang and Pikake blooms create a truly opulent fragrance, perfect for gazing miles across the ocean from sun-bleached decks. Exotic fruit notes lend support- Coconut, Papaya, and sweet Lychee, while a sturdy heart of salty Sandalwood, with a hint of Amber, keeps everyone afloat.

*Bluebell: What else would a luminous rabbit smell of? Blueberries and Lychee fruit, Clover, Lilies, White Musk, and Zucchini Blossoms straight from the garden.

*Bubbly: Nose-tickling champagne bubbles, jammy strawberries, and spiked fruit punch.

*Buttella: Thanks to the incredible popularity of the Buttella product, I've decided to go ahead and make the fragrance blend available for other products, too! Creamy hazelnut spread made with skim milk and cocoa, smoothed out with vanilla notes. The whipped cocoa butter can only ship in the cooler months of the year, but now you can wear it as a perfume or use it in a sugar scrub year-round!

*Carnivale: Cotton candy, orange soda, lemon snow cones and vanilla ice cream all come together to evoke memories of the sweetest part of childhood summer nights.

*Cascadia: A scent for a country that never was. At least, not yet. Dense evergreen forests, endless waterfalls, pine boughs, woodland paths littered with dried leaves, ambergris washed ashore the rocky coastline, driftwood, midday showers, oakmoss, sandalwood and ylang ylang.

*ChrietzhausThis spicy, woody, gorgeous fragrance brings to mind a glorious old Moldavian castle, set high up on the side of a mountain, nestled in between ancient pines, perched high up above the rest of the world below. Superior! Autumn leaves, Cedar, Oud, Leather, Ambergris, Civet, Bergamot, Orange, Black Pepper, Sandalwood, Teakwood, Patchouli, Vetiver, Fir, Oakmoss, and perhaps not so surprisingly, there's some Neroli and Tuberose in there, to boot.

*Cicada Song: Iced Green tea, garnished with a sprig of garden-fresh Peppermint and spiked with Lemongrass. Best when enjoyed in the shade of the front porch, inhaling the scent of just-cut grass and the faintest hint of earthy patchouli, listening to the cicada's song to bring summer home. (a better-developed version of the 2011 Halloween version of "Hungry Ghost")

*Consulting Criminal: Ah, we couldn't have a Sherlock tribute scent without one for his greatest foe, now, could we? This smells like a well-dressed gentleman ought to, only with something sinister lurking just beneath... Decidedly masculine, this fragrance is not one to be trifled with. Staunch notes of Violet Leaf, Ambergris and Patchouli are elevated by Roman Chamomile, Verbena and Juniper Berries, and accented by a delicious Mitti Attar, Black Tea, Sandalwood, and a hint of Rosewood and Black Pepper. Honey, you should see him in a crown!

*Consulting Detective: An olfactory tribute to our favorite detective! Tea, lots of Tea, some more Tea, Tobacco absolute, Labdanum, Black Pepper, Teakwood, Petitgrain, Bergamot, Cardamom, and a delightful Mitti Attar... well over a dozen components went into the making of this unique fragrance. It's a warm and comforting blend, on the masculine side of unisex, and it's perfect for wearing with your favorite wool coat and purple scarf or while sipping tea in your study ;)

*Coven: A deep, spicy blend of jack-o-lanterns, dragon's blood, patchouli, and amber; spiked with citrus peels and grounded by a drop of dark and smoky vetivert.

*Dandelion Wine: A custom scent blend for Jamie (, and named for Ray Bradbury's classic novel of the same name; here's to packing all of summer's delights into one bottle. Sweet green grass, Dandelions, Tobacco, a hint of Smoke, Atlas Cedarwood, Heliotrope, and a wee touch of Patchouli to ground it.

*Dark Angel: An altered blend of scents, per custom request: cracked coconuts dance solo amongst swirls of dark musky woods, hint of vanilla, and a sprinkle of powder. It's Desolation Angel, minus the lime, which makes it an almost entirely different scent altogether.

*Decadence: Red Velvet Cake. Need I say more? Well, probably not, but here goes- this is not some stock rendition of everyone's favorite cake; this is my very own unique interpretation, with each note selected carefully to ensure maximum cakeitude. Cream Cheese Frosting, Cake btter heavy with Dark Cocoa powder, Vanilla Beans, and Butter. 

*Desolation Angel: A rich blend of scents: cracked coconuts and fresh limes dance amongs swirls of dark musky woods, hint of vanilla, and a sprinkle of powder. This scent smells great on men or women- it's one of my personal favorites.

*Dirty: Musky, feral, earthy DIRT. Notes of dirt, topsoil, a trio of sandalwoods, sensual musk, all set off with subtle spices and a breath of carnation.       

*Drama: Complicated and Confusing, yet Irresistible and Intoxicating despite itself. Multiple Vanillas, Jasmine  and Cotton Candy, Strawberry with Tuberose and Egyptian Musk, Clove, Citrus fruits, Coconut,Nag Champa, and a hint of Leather all come together in this delightfully dramatic concoction.                                                                                                                                                                                                                
*Dude: Easily one of my favorite words of all time, Dude is one for the dudes, for sure. Heavy on the masculine with a heaping helping of manly thrown in for good measure. Sweet dark musk, cologne, well-worn leather, cloves, clary sage and a bit of litsea cubeba thrown in to brighten things up a bit.

*Exhume: The last olfactory impression one might experience before committing fully to the sweet release provided by Death; sealed inside a casket, buried in the Earth's embrace. Church incense, White spices, nutmeg, cardamom... Peru Balsam, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Sugar... and a lone white rose laid across your hands to carry you into eternity.

*Fevrier: (reformulated in 2013, same name) Winter fruits and the bite of a deep Arctic freeze. Berries, Currants, Pomegranate, Cranberry, Black pepper, Amber, Sandalwood, and a touch of spicy musk.

*Frankincense & Mirth: Forget what you know about what are probably the most famous perfume ingredients of all time, Frankincense and Myrrh- this modern interpretation brings a little fun to that party. This fragrance features, of course, frankincense and myrrh, but along with them you'll smell vanilla, amber, black pepper and lavender, all introduced by a fluttering of bluebonnets.

*Fresh: Just-mown clover, succulent mango slices, sweet oranges, and a sprinkling of bee pollen. It's a juicy, green scent perfect for Spring! 

Haterade: Inspired by the BEST Gatorade flavor of all time, Limon Pepino, this fragrance features Lime and Cucumber prominently. Rather than leave you smelling like a sports beverage, however, I have added light floral and musk notes to help ground the fragrance and elevate it to more of a "perfumey" scent than a delicious drink scent. Light, green, and perfect for Spring!

*Hivemind: The scent of a thousand apiaries in Spring, all the inhabitants functioning with a singular focus. Creamed honey, laced with a buttery vanilla, its sticky sweetness tempered by white musk and a touch of dark patchouli.

*Homecoming: A fall-inspired blend, Homecoming captures many of the scents of autumn in New England. Tart cranberries, dried figs, mulling spices, dried split firewood, fallen leaves and warm "Hot Toddies".
*I Am A Banana: This fun, fruity fragrance starts off smelling like banana candy and banana cream pie, and on the drydown transforms into a warm sandalwood-vanilla. This stuff is bananas! Banana, cream, bread, vanilla, sandalwood, almond, cedar

*I Smell Like A Witch: A special request for Amanda, I smell like a Witch came about when a little boy told her that the combination of scents she was wearing made her smell "like a witch". Heh. Red & White Roses, Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum, Smoke, Sandalwood, Patchouli & Vanilla Bean
*Jubilee: A green-floral scent, Jubille is comprised of so many different notes it's hard to pick them all out. Bonus points if you can, I guess! A bouquet of roses, creamy white magnolias, yuzu, rhubarb, green foliage, clover, cucumber, honey, tea, patchouli, and a wee smidge of cinnamon and cedarwood.

*Lady Grey: A derivative of Earl Grey tea, Lady Grey is a more delicate tea blend. My take on this tea has the bergamot and black tea notes you'd expect in such a scent, along with a touch of lightly floral musk, vanilla bourbon, and Immortelle. A perfect afternoon pick me up!

*Latitude: Coconut flesh, lychee, mango and jackfruit, pineapple juice, vanilla, honeysuckle and magnolia. A sweet and tropical fruity-floral fragrance, perfect for the hottest summer days.

*Lost at Sea: You can almost taste the salty sea air as it crashes against the bow of the ship, being cast about amongst the wild green and blue waves. Inhale deeply the tropical bounty of coconuts which could only have been bestowed upon you by Neptune himself, and the bouquet of citrus fruits brought aboard and stowed in the ship's hold for just such an occasion, and have not a care in the world that you are lost at sea.

*Make It So
Stephanie ( asked me to create this scent for her, and I was only happy to oblige. An olfactory ode to everyone's-okay, maybe not everyone's, stop yelling at me!- favorite Federation starship captain, it's like tea in space. Earl Grey. Hot. Black Ceylon tea and Bergamot, Skin musk, Mandarin, Neroli, Orris, and a hint of Ozone. 

*Mango Brulee: Nearly over-ripe mangoes, sliced and layered inside of a warm vanilla custard topped with a caramelized shell.

*Memento- The first half of the Memento Mori duo, Memento is a sweet souvenir, taken in remembrance of brighter days. Gingered Pears, Green Tea, and powdery Violets, with hints of white Grapefruit, Hay, Amber and an almost ethereal musk.

*Mercantile: Used to be, if you needed anything, a trip to the local mercantile- the general store, as it were- was in order. Dried cherries and other fruits for mother's baking, loose tea leaves for afternoon social calls, a strip of black licorice for yourself, and maybe a plug of tobacco for grandpa, too. This scent starts out tart and fruity, mainly smelling of black cherries, but as it settles in on the skin it changes to reveal the tea and anise notes, and hiding beneath it all, some sticky fresh tobacco (nicotine removed, no worries).

*Mermaid: A beautiful marine-floral scent, Mermaid is a fragrance which brings to mind an underwater garden at the bottom of the ocean, or a mermaid's hair. It's perfect for those spring days that feel more like summer. Salt water, linden blossoms, muguet, carnation, white musk, with a base of driftwood and oakmoss.

*Mori: The second half of the Memento Mori duo, Mori is a mournful blend of Rain and blue Musk, of Whiskey and Red Wine, of Cardamom and Cognac, with whispers of damp Earth, Patchouli, and Sandalwood incense placed around a casket.

Oceanside: "Oh, if I could only coax you overboard, to leave these lulling shores, to get you oceanside"... Inspired by everything ocean-y, most especially my little home by the seaside salt marsh. A cool Ocean breeze, Monoi de Tahiti, Beach grass, Sea moss, Tuberose, an oversized white Linen shirt, and Rockrose and Mimosa blossoms. Gorgeous.

*Pasticceria: An Italian pastry shop, the pasticceria has all the best dessert smells in the world. Marzipan, hazelnut, almonds, vanilla, cakes, assorted pastries, frosting, and of course, pure sugar. It's not edible, please don't try.

*Polynesian Punch: This was a one-off I originally blended for the sake of making room in my fragrance storage, and it was only available in bar soap, and then, only a very small amount was ever made available. Of course, as seems to always be the case with these small-batch one-offs I come up with, I fell in love with the fragrance after the fact and have been meaning to bring it back for some time- well, that time has come. A tropical and fruity scent, it's sliced limes and tangerines and oranges and grapefruits and mandarins, chunks of juicy pineapple, all mixed up in a white wine spritzer while the warm island breeze carries the faintest hints of tropical flowers over your way.

*Providencea blend of lavender, spearmint, and petitgrain based on principles of aromatherapy and specifically designed to be uplifting; it does the trick for me, but your results may vary. Regardless of its aromatherapeutic values, it's sweetly herbal and floral with feminine leanings.

*Pumpkin Eater: This fragrance smells of mangled pumpkin flesh, tilled earth, and a dash of spiced cider; all haunted by an apparition of aged patchouli.This scent needs skin to blossom into its full potential, please don't judge this one on cold sniff in the tube/bottle!

Raspberry Gingerale: Ripe red raspberries floating up and down in a pitcher of freshly-poured gingerale, thanks to help from millions of fizzy pinprick bubbles. A touch of blackcurrant adds a syrupy sweetness to the blend without weighing it down. A bright and lively scent!

*Rum RunnerA decidedly masculine concoction comprised entirely of natural essential oils; swarthy swagger in a bottle. This is my very own "Bay Rum" blend, if you will. Basil, bay leaf, cedarwood, clove, lime, petitgrain, vetiver, ginger, bergamot, cardamom, litsea, aged patchouli, and vanilla bourbon.

*Samovar: A warm cup of tea always at the ready. Three teas, Thyme, Honey, Pennyroyal, & Saffron.

*Scarlett: A deceptively complex blend of Neroli, Cilantro, and Rhubarb. New for 2015, this fragrance now has supporting notes of raspberry, citrus zests, and blood orange. A sweet summertime smell for all the Southern belles.

*Sea Legs: Life at sea- the constant movement of a boat being tossed about in the rolling waves like a child's plaything requires sea legs to maintain one's footing whilst on deck. Briny air, a steady Ocean breeze, salt-encrusted Wooden masts, and barrels of precious Ambergris collected from the lacy surface of the waves.

*Serendipity: You know how you'll sometimes end up with one thing while trying for something else? Yeah, that's serendipity at work. This fragrance came about unintentionally, but the end result was something even better than what I'd been aiming for. A bushel of berries- strawberries, blackberries, currants, a breath of freesia, light musk, herbal sage, mysore sandalwood, and a bit of dank oakmoss. 

*Something Blue: A simple-but-stunning feminine blend perfect for warm Spring afternoons or romantic summer weddings. Bluebells, Jasmine, Ylang, Sandalwood, and Baby's Breath.

*Stolen Bouquet
Purple blooms sneakily gathered from the gardens of others while nobody was looking- lilacs and violets, accented with orchids, with a dash of powdery vanilla added to ground the scent.

*Sugar Skulls: This is a blend inspired by Dia de Los Muertos (also known as the Day of the Dead) and specifically, the sweet treats available at that time of year. You'll smell sweet baked goods, vanilla cookies, anise, and roses- all the scents of a stroll though a Mexican neighborhood during the celebration.

The Cake Is A Lie: But it smells so REAL! Lemon-filled butter cake with thick, fluffy frosting. Lemon, Sugar, Cake batter & Frosting. Reformulated and added to the full-time list of Private Stock fragrances, TCIAL was originally a limited edition for Winter of 2011.
*The Girl Who WaitedOriginally, this was supposed to be a custom scent named for and inspired by an episode of Doctor Who, but considering how long Jen ( waited for me to get this fragrance made, I think maybe it was actually named after Jen all along. She's lovely and very VERY patient... much like a certain little ginger-haired girl named Pond. "Can I have an apple? All I can think about. APPLES. I love apples." Crisp apples, Raw honey, Lilacs, Cedarwood, Soft leather, and Vanilla cream. This is mainly an "apple" scent, so don't let the other notes scare you off- they're only there for support.

*This is Not For You: Like a favorite sweater, warm and cozy and always the perfect fit, this fragrance is something I made just for me. Not for you. But I can't keep one this all to myself- that wouldn't be fair. Vanilla, Sandalwood, Sugar and Cedar, with hints of Myrrh, Amber, and Amyris.

*Toxid Lotus: Everyone has a darker side. Another scent created for Amanda, this one is like I Smell Like A Witch's older sister; you know, the one always in trouble for doing something devious. Blackened dark Musk, Red Wine, Damask Rose Absolute, Frankincense, Baby Roses, Myrrh, and a hint of White Amber.

*Venom: Happy birthday to me! New to the OHWTO PS catalog in 2013 as a present from me to you. I'm getting older, to be sure, but the "wiser" part could be easily be argued. Cyanide-spiked Amaretto, vanilla'd woods, a smoldering cone of heady floral incense, and spite. Mostly, spite. 

A fragrance inspired by The Boondock Saints. At last. 
Veritas, the left hand to Aequitas' right, is a green chypre scent, though the perfume itself is a cloudy whiskey gold. This perfume was meant to evoke the imagery from the Boondock Saints, and with that in mind I set out to gather components that would do just that. The notes used are almost too many to list, but include a quartet of sensual musks, church incense, white funerary freesia and lilies, shamrock clover, men's aftershave, bourbon vanilla, gun oil, Irish whiskey, smoke, worn leather, and tobacco absolute. So as not to leave anyone out, this scent is perfectly unisex, though as with any perfume oil, your skin may "amp" up certain notes more than others, so your mileage may vary. This perfume oil may settle out over time; if this happens, just give your bottle a gentle shake to mix everything back up before applying. 

*Victuals: Hearty rolled oats spiked with syrupy sweet wild blueberries, topped with a sprinkling of maple sugar and a splash of vanilla rice milk. This is a breakfast staple for me, and is the inspiration for this yummy foody blend.

Violette: Simple and sweet, Violette will change on your skin as you wear it, giving each note a chance to take center stage. Wood Violets, Leather, and Honeycomb.

*Watch you Disappear: A special request, this is a scent for a song- this one, specifically, by one Mr Tom Waits: Notes of Orchid, Cherrywood, Musk, Sweetgrass, Champagne, a slight hint of Lavender, Zucchini Flower, Rosewood. Haunting.